Valves & Injection Cleaner

Valves and Injection Cleaner – High-performance cleaner for all petrol engines


High Performance Valves and Injection Cleaner :
  • Improves motor performance
  • Removes carbon deposits on valves, intake area and in the entire combustion chamber area
  • Removes deposits throughout the whole fuel injection system
  • Ensures a clean and powerful combustion
  • Optimizes emission values
  • Guarantees optimized injection dosage and fuel vaporization
  • Gives optimal engine protection, increases the life span of the engine, ensures smooth and soft motor running

Removes crust and coking from injection systems, cleans inlet valves and injection nozzles. Prevents rough running of the engine, power loss and start problems. Fuel consumption and exhaust gas emission will be reduced.



Add every 6 months to the fuel system before filling up with petrol. Treats 80 liters of fuel.


Packaging units

375 ml / Art.-Nr.: 2233