Wheel Rim Cleaner CAREMAXX


High-activity wheelrim cleaner for steel and aluminum wheelrims. Easily removes brake abrasion, oil solvents, grease and lime residues.


Areas of application

All aluminum and steel wheels


Instructions for use

Spray on the cleaner from about 20 cm and allow to work for approx. 30 sec. Rinse with water. If necessary remove any coarse dirt with a brush.



Do not allow the cleaning solution to dry!

Do not use on hot wheelrims, on weathered paintwork or on unsealed aluminum.

Do not apply in strong sunlight or to materials that are sensitive to caustic solutions.

Keep out of the reach of children.


Consumption per application

5-30 ml depending upon degree of pollution


Working time

Max. 60 sec.


Frost susceptibility



Material Contents

Amphoric and non-ionic tensides, solubles, alkali, corrosion protection agent, colouring agent.


Packaging units

500 ml / Art.-No.: 21017