POWERMAXX Bike Fuel System Cleaner for all 2-stroke engines

Remove and dissolve the CONTAMINATION completely. The contamination will be removed during the normal combustion-process.



  • High lubrication ability 
  • Unique cleaning effect
  • Contains no simple alcohol
  • Unique emulsification effect with moisture and water
  • Keeps alcohol fuel stable and prevents phase splitting
  • Forms stable combustible emulsion moisture and water Burns like normal fuel
  • Protects the entire system against corrosion
  • Forms a Long lasting protective film
  • Excellent Lubricity, E.g. valves, valve seats, piston rings and fuel pump (quieter)
  • Prevents fuel phase splitting, perfect for storage during winter time

It is sufficient to use one can of Fuel System Cleaner 2-stroke by Powermaxx every 3000 km one application treats 10 litres of fuel.


Packaging units

75 ml / Art.-No.: 33057