PRO-TEC Bike Fuel System Cleaner

Removes and dissolves CONTAMINATION completely. The contamination will be removed during the normal combustion-process.



  • High lubrication ability
  • Unique cleaning effect
  • Contains no simple alcohol
  • Unique emulsification effect with moisture and water 
  • Keeps alcohol fuel stable and prevents phase splitting
  • Forms stable combustible emulsion moisture and water Burns like normal fuel
  • Protects the entire system against corrosion
  • Forms a Long lasting protective film
  • Excellent Lubricity, E.g. valves, valve seats, piston rings and fuel pump (quieter)
  • Prevents fuel phase splitting, perfect for storage during winter time

The entire fuel system is clean and the atomization in nozzles and valves is perfect again. Fuel System Cleaner for Motorbikes ensures a complete, clean and powerful combustion, a good performance, low fuel consumption and perfect exhaust values.


It is sufficient to use one can of Fuel System Cleaner Motorbike every 5000 km, one application treats up to 20 litres of fuel.


For optimal engine efficiency you need to clean the oil- and lubrication system (Engine-Flush) as well as the FUEL SYSTEM


Packaging units

200 ml / Art.-No.: 3011