Brake Anti-Seize


High performance lubricant. Highly temperature and pressure resistant, maintains all brakes and brake components. Lasting protection against rust and corrosion. Helps to prevent and eliminate brake squeal. Ensures safe brake operation. Protects against salt, water, acids and alkalis.


Pro Tec Brake Maintenance.

  • Highly temperature and pressure resistant, 
  • maintains all brakes components, 
  • lasting protection against rust and corrosion,
  • helps prevent and eliminate brake squeal,
  • protects against salt, water, acids and alkalis,
  • for connections, seals, battery poles, slidings and lubrication fittings,
  • free from oil and grease.


Application fields

Use on all brakes, screw fittings, joints, battery terminals, and lubricating points, etc.



Clean brake components thoroughly with PRO-TEC Brake Cleaner.
Then spray the brake components evenly with PRO-TEC Brake Anti Seize prior to reassembly.


Packaging units

500 ml / Art.-No.: 2601